Alumni Coaches

This year, we’re excited to welcome back a number of recent alumni of the Augustine Collective. They will draw upon their experiences as student editors, as well as their perspectives since graduation, to serve as “coaches” throughout the retreat.

Peter BlairPeter Blair
Dartmouth Apologia ’12
Former Editor-in-Chief

Peter Blair is the former Editor-in-Chief of The Dartmouth Apologia. At Dartmouth, he was a double major in Government and Philosophy. He currently lives in DC where he serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Fare Forward and contributing writer at The American Interest. 

Charlie ClarkCharlie Clark
Dartmouth Apologia ’11
Former Editor-in-Chief

While at Dartmouth, Charlie Clark was Editor-in-Chief of Apologia. After graduating with a degree in Classics, he earned his law degree from the University of Tennessee, and he now works in his family’s fourth-generation scrap metal recycling business. Charlie is a founding editor of Fare Forward and chairman of its board of directors.

Sarah ClarkSarah Clark
Dartmouth Apologia ’11
Former Managing Editor

Sarah Clark was the Managing Editor of The Dartmouth Apologia and majored in English and Russian Area Studies. Since her graduation in 2011, she has worked as a lifestyle magazine editor, been the founding managing editor of Fare Forward, and is currently working as a copyeditor at HarperCollins Christian Publishing in Nashville. She grew up in South America and still enjoys trying to recreate Brazilian food at home with her husband Charlie.

Rodney EvansRodney Evans
Yale Logos ’14
Former Editor-in-Chief

Rodney Evans, a former Business Manager and Editor-in-Chief for Logos Magazine, graduated from Yale in May of 2014 with a major in Philosophy and Political Science. He currently serves as an AmeriCorps member with City Year Boston, tutoring and mentoring inner city students in the Dorchester area. Although he eventually wants to attend law school, he is currently applying for a 9 month fellowship at the Trinity Forum Academy in Maryland to research the intersection of law and American culture.

Justin HawkinsJustin Hawkins
Georgetown University ’11

Justin Hawkins graduated with a degree in political philosophy from Georgetown University (’11), where he was a writer and editor for Utraque Unum, Georgetown’s undergraduate research journal in the humanities. He is currently in his final year of the MAR program in Philosophical Theology at Yale Divinity School, where he is Editor-in-Chief of Glossolalia: The Graduate Theological Journal at Yale Divinity School. One of his proudest moments in life was giving an unwelcome and unreciprocated bear-hug to the FOX news anchor Geraldo Rivera during the middle of a student demonstration.

Jordan HyldenJordan Hylden
Harvard Ichthus ’06
Founder and Former Editor-in-Chief

Jordan Hylden (Harvard ’06, Government) started up The Harvard Ichthus ten years ago now with some friends, about the same time that a classmate of his was starting up a little “face-book” website a few dorms away.  Both start-ups have done well.  Since then he’s been a junior fellow at First Things and a graduate student at Duke, where he’s pursuing a Th.D. in theology and ethics.  Jordan is an ordained Episcopal minister serving part-time at a church in Columbia, SC, is happily married to Emily (also a priest), and enjoys writing, reading, and watching too much Duke basketball.

Andrew KimAndrew Kim
Brown Cornerstone ’13
Co-Founder and Former President

Andrew Ikhyun Kim was a President and Co-founder of the Cornerstone Magazine at Brown University. After graduating with a degree in Human Biology (International Health Track), Andrew received his MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge in the UK, and is currently in his first year at Harvard Medical School. Outside of his academic endeavors, Andrew’s primary passion is traveling – he has traveled to, studied in, or worked in 32 countries and over 90 major cities around the world.

Enoch KuoEnoch Kuo
Princeton Revisions ’13
Former Editor-in-Chief

Enoch H. Kuo ’13 graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University with a degree in Religious Studies and served as the (re-)founding editor-in-chief of Revisions after it had lapsed into inactivity in 2011. After spending a year interning at a local church in Cleveland, he is currently studying for an M.Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary and works part-time with Princeton’s Manna Christian Fellowship trying to figure out what it means to be a campus ministry in a post-secular age. He is becoming increasingly convinced that something crucial to the healthy engagement of Christians in the academy was lost when theological studies got separated from philosophical studies (broadly construed) early in the history of American higher education and hopes to work towards a closer synthesis of the two that will help Christians in the university better integrate their faith and learning.

Jordan MongeJordan Monge
Harvard Ichthus ’12
Former Editor-in-Chief

Jordan Monge served as Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Ichthus, before graduating with her degree in Philosophy in 2012. She has been published since then in Christianity Today and Fare Forward, and currently works as a tutor in Irvine, CA. She is also serving with a high school ministry at the Irvine Canaan Christian Community Church, and is attempting to spread her love of “I Don’t Wanna Be a Goat” everywhere she goes.

David RitterDavid Ritter
University of Connecticut ’13

David Ritter has been working to start a Christian journal at the University of Connecticut, where he studied Classics and Philosophy and led an Apologetics group. Given his experiences as organizer of the first TEDx event at UConn and as an entrepreneur, he hopes to help a fledgling UConn journal get off the ground this year. He also hopes to have enough time to return to film photography and creative writing.

Ryan StewartRyan Stewart
Claremont Ekklesia ’14
Founder and Former Editor-in-Chief

After leading the founding of The Claremont Ekklesia, Ryan graduated from Pomona College in 2014 with a major in Religious Studies. Nowadays, he’s learning to better integrate faith, justice, and media as Online Assistant for Sojourners.  When he’s not stressing about the meaning of life, or rather when he is stressing about the meaning of life, he can be found yelling at an Arsenal game or scouring D.C. for a game of pick-up soccer.

Inez TanInez Tan
Williams Telos ’12
Former Editor-in-Chief

When Inez submitted a poem to a new journal  called The Telos during her first year at Williams, she never dreamed that she’d go on to major in English and pursue writing as a vocation. Now, she’s thrilled to be doing an MFA in fiction at the University of Michigan Helen Zell Writers’ Program, where she recently learned how to kick a soccer ball without falling down. She also works with the Augustine Collective, a certain student-led movement of Christian journals on college campuses.

Shawn WooShawn Woo
Williams Telos ’09
Co-Founder and Former Editor-in-Chief

Shawn was a founding member of The Telos as an undergrad at Williams College, where he majored in classics and history. After undergrad, Shawn graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity. He is now serving as a pastor at King of Grace Church in Haverhill, MA. Shawn has an adorable 9-month-old baby daughter, and he would be happy to oblige with pictures.